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Metal Fabrication

Machining, Metal Finishing, Electronics Manufacturing

Steam Draygon evaporators and related filtering equipment can reduce metal fabrication wastewater cost to a few cents per gallon.

Metal fabrication, metal machining and metal finishing and assembly of many electronic components involves multiple washing processes to remove residue, oil, acids and other lubricants and contaminants before during and following various process steps. 

This generates large volumes of wastewater containing alkaline, acid solutions, heavy metal wastewaters, paint, plating residue wastewater, and other metal fabrication wastewaters.

Wastewater and wash water from spills and floor cleaning must also be properly disposed. These manufacturing waste waters cannot be discharged to a public treatment facility or released to underground or surface disposal. 

While commercial wastewater disposal or hauling could cost $1 per gallon or even more depending on the waste stream, Steam Draygon evaporators and related filtering equipment can reduce this cost to a few cents per gallon.

Here are some more specific examples of where a Steam Draygon Evaporator can be used to save you significant storage and disposal costs and reduce your liability risks.

  • Parts Washing Wastewater
  • Alkaline Wastewater Acid Cleaner Wastewater
  • Machining Wastewater
  • Grinding Wastewater and Wire Draw Waster
  • Coolant Wastewater
  • Die Casting Solutions Wastewater
  • Dye Penetrant Wastewater
  • Quench Wastewater
  • Paint Booth Wastewater
  • Powder Coating Wastewater
  • Tube Forming, Stamping, Tumbling/Vibratory Process Compounds
  • Plating Wastewater
  • Electroplating Wastewater
  • Etching Wastewater Compounds and Rinses
  • Metal Refinery Wastewater
  • Scrap Metal Recovery Waste Waster
  • Ceramic Coating Waste Water
  • Circuit Board Wastewater
Limit your risk of violating federal and local regulations with Draygon wastewater evaporators.

































Draygon Enterprises, Inc. manufacturers wastewater treatment evaporators for removal of grease, oil, heavy metals & carcinogens.
The Steam Draygon features modular stainless steel construction, thermal transfer, and an insulated heating chamber.